Subject Leader and Coordinator Roles

EYFS - Mrs K Wade

KS1 - Mrs P Hunt

KS2 - Mrs P Kermotschuk

Literacy - Mrs P Kermotschuk

Numeracy - Mr S Donnelly

Science/Outdoor Learning - Mr M Brown

ICT - Mrs P Hunt

Speaking & Listening/Talk for Learning - Mrs P Kermotschuk

Geography - Miss D Weedy

Phonics - Mrs P Hunt

Art & DT- Mrs K Wade

RE - Mrs E Ford

PHSCE - Mrs E Ford

PE - Mr J Clifford

Mfl - Mrs P Kermotschuk

History - Mrs J Ford

Music - Miss M Armitage

Library - Mrs T Nutton & Mrs D Harper

SEN (FKS/KS1) - Miss D Weedy

SEN (KS2) - Miss D Weedy

Child Protection - Mrs E Ford & Miss A Priestley

Looked After Children - Mrs E Ford

Every Child Counts - Miss D Weedy

Asssessment & Interventions - Mrs E Ford

CPD - Mrs E Ford

Enrichment - Mrs E Ford

Investors In People and Pupils - Mrs E Ford

Pastoral Support - Miss A Priestley