Here you will find a staff list including the senior team. For information on key staff, their responsibilities and how to contact them see Key Contacts.

Principal - Mr B Normington

Vice Principal - Miss N Kirkland

Area Leaders
Key Stage 2/English- Miss N Kirkland

Key Stage 1/Maths - Mr S Donnelly

EYFS Leader- Mrs K Wade

Curriculum and Assessments - Mr B Normington

SENCO and Intervention - Mr S Taylor

Designated Safeguarding & Well-being Leader - Miss A Priestley

R E- Miss. O Travers/Miss N Kirkland
ICT/Computing - Mr M Brown
Science/Outdoor - Mr M Brown

Music - Mr S Taylor
Geography/History - Mrs. J Ford
PE - Mr J Clifford
Art - Mrs K Wade

Amethyst(Year 6) - Mr Brown
Garnet(Year 5) - Miss N Kirkland
Citrine (Year 4) - Mr S Taylor
Opal(Year 3) - Mrs J Ford/Mrs L Benson
Pearl (Year 2) - Mr S Donnelly
Moonstone (Year 1) - Mr J Clifford
Jade (Reception) - Miss O Travers
Topaz (Nursery) - Mrs K Wade

Nursery Nurses: Miss M Fearnley

Higher Level Teaching Assistants: Mrs D Harper, Mrs C Wood

Teaching Assistants: Mrs S Calvert, Mrs S Malone, Mrs T Nutton, Mrs S Stott, Mrs J Egan, Miss T Lewis, Miss C Griffiths, Miss S Emery, Miss W Fowler, Mrs K Lassey

Cook in Charge: Mrs J Donaldson

Kitchen Assistants: Mrs K Whittaker, Miss W Ambler, Miss P Dolan

Senior Midday Supervisor: Miss K Joyce

Midday Supervisors: Mrs J McWilliam, Mrs D Caldicott, Miss P Lund

Cleaning Staff: Mrs Y Dunkley, Mrs J Walker

Senior Admin Support: Mrs L Brown

Admin Assistant: Miss N Wood

Business Manager: Mrs C McCormack

Premises Manager: Mr T Zabrocky